Services Offered by IMARC

IMARC is your one stop shop for employment, income and asset reverifications. There are automated services we have access to and IMARC will also manually send verifications to the thousands of employers and banks that do NOT work through those automated systems. Avoid training your staff to handle this – let IMARC do it for you!

Verification of Employment

  • Secure transmission of data
  • Verbal VOE
  • 4506T
  • Written VOE
    • Customized queries
    • Fax or mail
    • Customized compilations of data
    • Timely delivery
  • Confirm validity of paystubs and W-2s

Verification of Assets

  • Secure transmission of data
  • Written VOD
  • Confirm validity of bank statements
  • Interface with BankVOD for automated verifications

Verification of Occupancy

  • Verify identify of occupant
  • Confirm occupancy during first 12 months
  • Confirm occupancy to GSE requirements

Customized Loan Reviews

  • EPD (Early Payment Default) reviews

IMARC’s customized EPD loan reviews meet all investor requirements.

Full Audits

For repurchases, insurance coverage, or lawsuits, IMARC’s full audits provide complete analysis of loan data. As of 2015, IMARC has performed more than 80,000 Loan Reviews. Depend on the leader to audit your loan files.